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Sigma Beauty

Acheter Sigma Beauty Brushes at Orabel in Canada.

Sigma Beauty has drastically révolutionné the Makeup Brushes World. Years of research and brainstorming led to high-quality technology, ingrédients, et matériels.

High-Quality Makeup Brushes & Brush Sets

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Responsibly sourced wood

2 Years Free Warranty

    Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove
    Sigma 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove
    Sigma Loose Shimmer
    5 Shades
    Sigma Loose Shimmer
    Sigma Line AceEndorseorabelca
    6 Shades
    Sigma Line Ace
    Sigma Dry'n Shape Tower Face & Eyes
    Sigma Dry'N Shape Tower Eyes
    Sigma All-Star Brush Set
    Sigma Travel Brush Kit - Mr. Bunny
    Sigma Premium Brush Kit
    Sigma Nightlife Brush Set
    Sigma Baking & Strobing Brush Set
    Sigma 3DHD Pinceau De Précision
    Sigma 4DHD Precision
    Sigma P87 Edge Precision
    Sigma Eyeliner Liquide Stylo Wicked
    Sigma Gel Eye Linerorabelca
    2 Shades
    Sigma Gel Eye Liner
    Palette d'ombres à paupières Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume 2
    Sigma E43 Domed Blending Brush
    Sigma E34 Domed Utility Brush
    Sigma E37 All Over Blend Brush
    Sigma E32 Exact Blend Brush
    Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa
    Sigma Max + Magic Total Set
    Sigma Snap A Selfie Brush Set
    Sigma Passionately Pink Brush Set
    Sigma Essential Trio Brush Set
    Sigma SIGMAGIC Scrub
    Tapis de nettoyage pour pinceaux Sigma Spa Express
    Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush
    Sigma E20 Short Shader Brush
    Sigma F05 Petit pinceau à contour
    Sigma E15 Flat Definer Brush
    Sigma F70 Pinceau Correcteur
    Sigma E36 Pinceau Mélangeur
    Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush
    Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki


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